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Call and Book Now for your week of your choice. They will sell out quickly.

Jim Randesi in the USA at 607-625-5822 Email: JRANDESI@AOL.COM

Mike or Brenda O'Donnell in Canada at 403-223-1629 Email:

Only $3500 usd for any week from January through March.



Not Included:


The species of fish you will be catching this time of year are Striped Marlin from 100 - 200 pounds, Yellowfin Tuna from 40 to 250 pounds, Dorado to 60 pounds and the occasional Wahoo. Of course there is many other species which you may pickup such as swordfish, roosterfish,Sailfish, blue and black marlin.

We do Promote Catch and Release of all Marlin and sailfish but you are welcome to keep one if you wish. All other species can be kept.







Primarily you will be trolling with heavy tackle. Standup or fighting chair its your choice.

Sometimes when the Marlin are in concentrated schools you will be drifting sinking live bait with 30-40 pound test and light tackle. This is a real challenge and great fun!


We have been fishing here for the past 6 years and have found the best boats and Captains in Mexico. Our main boat we use is a 31 foot bertram with twin screw engines with a speed of 40 mph getting you a short boat ride to the fertile fishing grounds of the Pacific Ocean and the sea of Cortez.

The Crew is a consistant winner of many tournaments for tuna and Marlin includin a 1.2 million dollar prize in the 2003 Bisbies Black and Blue Marlin Tournament.





You will be staying in 2-4 bedroom luxury condominiums at the Plaza Nautica right in the Marina just a short walk to your fishing boat. The Plaza Nautica includes daily maid service and security. Plaza Nautica is located right downtown Cabo San Lucas close to the hopping night life, shopping and Gourmet Restaurants.





Dinner will be cooked by our experienced staff nightly for all our guests. Some nights you may wish to try some of the gourmet restaurants in downtown Cabo San Lucas. We will supply a box lunch each day you are fishing. On Non-fishing days you will be responsible for your own lunch. There are many restaurants in town with a varity of prices and menus to satisfy everyone.

The Arch at the southern most part of the Baja Peninsula. The west side is the Pacific Ocean the east side is the Sea of Cortez

View from Plaza Nautica of Cabo San lucas Bay




This Big Game Fishing Ring site is owned by Jim Randesi.

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